Different Christmas?

A different Christmas, you say?
But why?
Does not the planet spin the way
It always does?
Each day
A little shorter than before?
The sky
A dull and dreary winter grey
As December slowly slips away
‘Til Christmas Day is nigh?
What difference here, this ‘different’ year?
But ‘Different Christmas’ is the cry!

No busy office parties,
No mistletoe and wine.
No festive menu lunches
Or children’s pantomime.
No queueing up for Santa
No friends for tea and pie
No pubs or clubs or eating out
Just Christmas passing by.

And if you dare to make a visit
To your Mum on Christmas Day
Bring along your food and cutlery
If you feel you have to stay.

Is that not different enough?

Yes, I see your pain in not being with the ones you love the most,
Your loneliness and sadness at the meal you cannot host.
With no-one there to raise a glass and join the Christmas toast.
It’s different, yes, to what it has become.

But what it always was
And always will be

Is the same.

Vincent O’Donnell
Christmas 2020