Safeguarding: “It’s everyone job to make sure I’m alright”

Safeguarding in the Catholic Church

The protection of children and all those who are vulnerable is everyone’s responsibility. The Bishop’s conference of Scotland established the National Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (NOPCVA) in 2005 to ensure the development, co-ordination and review of safeguarding policy and practice across the church. Our parish fully subscribes to the policies and procedures contained within the “Awareness and Safety in our Catholic Communities” manual produced by NOPCVA. You can find out more about the policies and procedures here

Every parish has a Safeguarding co-ordinator. The main role of the co-ordinator is to support the parish priest to ensure that all policies approved by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland are effectively and appropriately implemented in the Parish.  Our co-ordinator is Loretta Scott.

In line with policy requirements a key feature of our safeguarding procedures is that all volunteers working with children and young people and vulnerable adults on a regular basis have been through the Protection of Vulnerable groups process (PVG) and are supported by appropriate training. Any queries about this can be directed to Loretta here

In addition to the information in the Awareness and Safety in our Catholic Communities manual, Glasgow’s Child protection Committee’s website can provide information to anyone interested in finding out more about protecting children. It is very user friendly and has separate pathways for parents / children and young people / general public / professionals. You can find it here