A message from Fr Peter:

My dear friends,

As I imagine, you will be aware that I have had to take some time away from the parish following a recent cardiac event and medical intervention.

The year I began ministry in Christ the King (1999) was also the year in which I was diagnosed as having angina – no connection between the two!  Anyway, I found, fortunately, that the condition did not really impact on my day to day activities and my enjoyment of life over many years. However, in the last few months, I kept noticing that the angina pains had become a lot more apparent and were triggered much more easily. This led me to contact the doctor and to begin to have things investigated.

A fortnight ago I was wakened at two in the morning by a sharp pain in the chest and thought that dialling 999 was the best option. This in turn led to a very quick response by the ambulance service, admission to the Queen Elizabeth and eventual diagnosis of a minor heart attack. It also gave me the opportunity to receive at close quarters the amazing care, goodness, compassion, and skills of so many people in the health service.

Other tests carried out have shown that there is no damage to the heart itself or to valves.  Last Thursday I received two stents in the Golden Jubilee Hospital and was discharged on Friday last (13th August).

I am now staying with Billy and Jennifer and my niece Abigail… and their dog Rufus and pair of Guinea pigs!  I will, of necessity be absent from Christ the King for a wee while. I am deeply grateful to Father Joseph for readily agreeing to look after our Parish in the meantime. I know you will already have welcomed him warmly.

Many thanks to you all for all your kind good wishes and above all for your prayers. Please continue to remember me in prayer. It means so much.
I will, please God, be back soon.

With prayers and truly sincere thanks,
Father Peter


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