Collection Contributions

A number of parishioners have asked if there is a way for them to continue making contributions to the first or second collections during this (at present unlimited) time of closure.

There is a good number of ‘Gift Aid’ parishioners who pay through the credit transfer system and there are others who pay through the envelope system and there are those who pay through the collecting bags at mass.

If you normally pay through your bank by credit transfer your contributions will continue unless amended by yourself.  If you normally pay by envelope or by collection at mass and would like to continue making contributions you could give instructions to your bank to make payments.

There are fixed costs and variable costs associated with running the parish and parishioners can be assured that every effort will be made to minimise the variable costs but the fixed costs will not disappear and we would very much appreciate your help in dealing with these costs during the upcoming unknown times of this virus. All contributions would be gratefully received.

If you would like to join with other parishioners in continuing their contributions please let me know of your intentions so that we can ensure that credits received are allocated to the correct accounts.

Kind regards and keep safe,

Joe Byers

Parish Accountant

Tel. No 0141-637-3023

E-mail   [email protected]