6th Sunday of Easter Prayer Intentions

For all the Holy People of God:- That the Church may continue to live, guided by faith inspired by hope and marked by  deep love  for all.

For those who are tempted to despair in these days:- That they will sense again the care and the goodness of God for them.

For all healthcare workers: that God will renew their strength, guide them in their work, and protect them and their families from harm

For all who are ill, particularly those with Covid-19: that God’s healing love will relieve their pain, strengthen their minds and bodies, and restore them to full health

For all government leaders: that God will guide them in developing safe and prudent strategies in helping us to move forward safely from lockdown

For all scientists and resarchers:- That their quest to find a suitable vaccine and treatment may very soon be met with a successful outcome.

For those who have died, remembering especially Cathie McCormack and Jim McLaughlin who have died recently, for the remembrance OF Henri et Janine Rousel, Tom Doherty, Johjn & Winnie Docherty, Brian McDonagh, Tom and Margaret McDoagh and for the anniversary of Margaret Grattan:-       

That they will share fully in the joy of the resurrection.    

Lord, in your mercy                                                  Hear our prayer