7th Sunday of Easter , Prayer Intentions

For all the Holy People of God:- That the Church may continue to live, guided by faith inspired by hope and marked by  deep love  for all.

For those who are tempted to despair in these days:- That they will sense again the care and the goodness of God for them.

For all healthcare workers: that God will renew their strength, guide them in their work, and protect them and their families from harm

For all who are ill, particularly those with Covid-19: that God’s healing love will relieve their pain, strengthen their minds and bodies, and restore them to full health

For all government leaders: that God will guide them in developing safe and prudent strategies in helping us to move forward safely from lockdown

For all scientists and resarchers:- That their quest to find a suitable vaccine and treatment may very soon be met with a successful outcome.

For those who have died, remembering especially Cathie McCormack, Jim McGee Jim McLaughlin, Jeanette Farquarson, Mary Greene, and Peter Duffy  who have died recently,

For the month’s mind of Mark Dolan

for the anniversaries of June MacKinnon, Jacqueline Coilleran, Patricia MacKinnon, Neil MacKinnon, Elizabeth Kean, Mary Coyle Hendry and Ella Sharpe Hendry:-       

That they will share fully in the glory of the resurrection.    

Lord, in your mercy                                                  Hear our prayer