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ReopeningWhen will the church reopen?The Church will open for private prayer on Sunday 28th June 2-4pm. Funerals can also take place but no other services.
 When can we go to Mass?This will depend on the First Minister’s decision on Phase 3 of easing lockdown.
SafetyWill the church be clean?Arrangements are being made to have the church deep cleaned before it is opened. There will also be a cleaning regime after anyone has been in the church.
 Will I have to wear a mask?Yes – everyone over the age of 5 years is required to wear a face covering in the Church.
 How will social distancing be achieved?The church will be marked out so that seating will be at 2 meters.
 Will there be hand sanitisation available?There will be hand sanitisation at exits and entrances and you will be expected to use that on arrival and departure.
 Do we enter by any door?No, – for private prayer entry will be by the side door at the front, car park side and exit will be by the side door front, church hall side.
SeatingCan I sit anywhere in the Church?No. The stewards will show you to an allocated seat to ensure social distancing
 We are a family of 4 – can we sit together?Yes – the stewards will ensure you sit together and that anyone not in your household will be seated 2 meters away
FuneralsMy neighbour has passed away – can I attend the funeral?Scottish Government Regulations (2020) state that only 20 mourners can attend. The mourners should include the deceased’s family and close relatives. If there are no family or relatives then close friends can attend. The Undertaker will provide a list of names and only these people will be admitted.
 Will there be music and singing?There can be music and a cantor but there will be no communal singing.
 Will there be hymn books?No, all hymn books have been removed.
 Can I light a candle?No candles have been removed.