Payer of The Faithful for Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

Passion Sunday (A)                                   Prayer of the Faithful

1.  For the Church:
That, as the great Paschal feast approaches, our joy may increase and the witness of all the faithful to the Resurrection may be ever stronger.

2.  For world leaders:
That they may resist the ways of violence and use only principles of peace to solve problems.

3.  For our parish community:
May we empty ourselves of all earthly affections and, as followers of Christ, act always in a spirit of humility.

4.  For all who are affected by the corona virus:  those infected; those whose lives have been disturbed; and all who are working to care for the sick or to find a way of dealing with the pandemic.

5.  For the sick, the bereaved and the lonely:
That our Christian service may bring them into the healing embrace
of their wounded Saviour.

6.  For all our deceased relatives and friends and for all the dead:
May they now enjoy rest and peace in the kingdom of glory.

Lord, in your mercy                                            Hear our prayer