Prayer Intentions, 4th Sunday of Easter – 3rd May 2020

For Pope Francis and all shepherds of God’s people: that they may faithfully imitate Christ in accompanying the people of God on their journey and encouraging their growth toward wholeness

For all the human family: that God will liberate us from the coronavirus pandemic, helps us grow in our awareness of the needs of one another, and build trust and cooperation amongst all peoples

For all who are awaiting the sacraments of initiation in the Church and in our Diocese and especially for Emma in our parish: that God will sustain them, help them to deepen their commitment, and grow in their desire to serve God each day

For our children who should have been receiving their First Holy Communion in these days. That they will soon experience the great  joy of sharing in the Bread of life.  

For all healthcare workers: that God will renew their strength, guide them in their work, and protect them and their families from harm

For all who are ill, particularly those with Covid-19: that God’s healing love will relieve their pain, strengthen their minds and bodies, and restore them to full health

For all government leaders: that God will guide them in developing safe and prudent strategies in helping us to move forward safely from lockdown

For all scientists and resarchers:- That their quest to find a suitable vaccine and treatment may very soon be met with a successful outcome.

For all who have died:- We pray in particular for Liliana Reilly and John Bryson – and for Thomas Wardrope, who have died recently

And for the anniversaries of Margaret Callaghan, Jim McFadden and John and James Moogan:- That the good Shepherd will bring them safely home to paradise.

Lord, in your mercy                                                             Hear our Prayer