Prayer Intentions: Saints Peter and Paul

For Pope Francis, successor of Peter the Apostle:- That his words will be for the Church a source of true encouragement and hope.

For asylum seekers:- That they may always receive support and care in a manner fitting to human dignity.

For all scientists and researchers in their quest for a vaccine to Covid 19. That their efforts may soon prove to be successful.

For our parish:- That we may be inspired always by a gospel of love and mutual help.

For the grace of insight: that we may love our family as God loves them and be a source of encouragement towards the response that God asks of us all.

For all children:- That they may be kept safe from all harm and have a true and deep awareness of God’s love for them.

For those who have died, especially David Coles and Dina Conetta (sister of our Archbishop) and Alex McKenzie and John McClafferty, whose anniversaries are at this time:- That they may be welcomed into the eternal joy of the kingdom of God and that those in mourning may be comforted.