Prayer Intentions: 14th Sunday A 5th July 2020

For Pope Francis:- That his words may help the whole Church to  trust in God and find true peace in the message of the gospel.

For all those in positions of influence and power in our world today :- That they may use that influence wisely  to truly help people and guide their nations through this difficult time

For the grace to be childlike:- That we may learn dependence upon God and surrender our attempts to control our lives through knowledge, power of possessions.

For all scientists and researchers in their quest for a vaccine to Covid 19. That their efforts may soon prove to be successful.

For all who are sick, especially our sick relatives and friends and those in our parish who are ill:- That Christ the Lord will bring true healing in mind and body.

For all who have died, especially David Coles, Sandra Macneil and Susan Docherty and for the anniversaries of Margaret Lynch, Catherine Cowan, Elizabeth McCourt and Jean McCourt,
That they may dwell for ever in the joy of God’s kingdom.